A Week to Remember - Howtown 2015

November 10, 2015

On Monday 2nd November the oldest students of Northowram School  were carted off to the Lake District to spend a week at Howtown residential hostel to find out what life in the country is like. To begin the week they were split into 5 groups consisting of 12 children and the groups all had a specific group instructor and a group name. The names that the children of team How Town 2015 were : Fiennes ,Arkless , Hill , Bonnington and Muir they were all famous Mountaineers .

Written by Emily Pepper

Outward bound


A week in the wilderness!

On Monday 2nd November  the Year 6’s from Northowram Primary school set off to Howtown. The providers of this residential The Outward Bound Trust believe that this experience motivates peoples to achieve there all. To begin the week everyone was split into 5 groups consisting of 12 children 1 instructor and 1 up to 2 adults. The teams were all named after famous people like team Bonnington, Arkless, Hill, Muir and Finnes. To begin our Howtown adventure all groups took part in jog and dip. Jog and Dip is where were we had to jog into the famous lake, Ullswater and then if we waded through the water past our shoulders we had the option to jump in (and it was FREEZING)

Written by Matilda Neen





Recently year 6 went on a residential in Outward bounds Howtown. We each took part in a series of activities testing us to the limits. Most people enjoyed Gorge Walking the most an a jog around the lake then plummeting into the freezing cold lake (Ullswater). One thing that everyone shared an enjoyment of was the amazing night of bonfire night where most groups gathered sticks and then mad a camp fire which we then toasted marsh mellows on.

A really funny part of our time in Howtown was when after gorge walking the boys In Hill team consecutively slipped down a small portion of the very slippery hill at the side of the watery gorge.

By Joe Killick and Thomas Armitage



A Week in Howtown

When we were in Howtown, we were pushed to the limits of what we could do and we were out of our comfort zone when we did the activities. We stayed at Outward Bound, we were put into five different groups: Bonington, Hill, Fines, Muir, Arkless. Each group had a group leader, I was in Hill team and my group leader was Andy.

The best part in Howtown were all the fun activities we got to do such as: Gorge Walking, Hill Climbing, Rowing, Tunneling and many more. My favorite part was when we went gorge walking and all the boys were slipping down the hill on the way down but only one girl in are group slipped!!

By Matthew Benn



A FANTASTIC time had by all the children and teachers – thank you very much Outward Bound and see you again soon!!

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