Book Fair

September 29, 2015


The book fair had a wide range of books including: History books, novels books and picture books. The fair lasted five days (one school week).


We did a a survey and children bought:

  • The Deadly 7,
  • Pixel Book,
  • Matilda,
  • Minecraft
  • Dr Kitty Book


Daisy-May Richardson: 

The books are very entertaining and not just books. It wasn’t very crowded but it got busier.There we lots of interesting books and it was inspirational and entertaining.

Eleanor Paterson 

What did buy? Go Girl

Is the book good? Yes because it is funny.

What age books were there? 5-10 year olds

How many people went to the book fair? There was good turnout of adults and children.


Miss Davis

Miss Davis said she enjoyed looking at all the new books, she also enjoyed looking at what books the children liked. The total money raised was 318 pounds to spend on school books.

Written by – Molly Roe,  Olivia Rathbone and Matthew Benn


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