Developing digital literacy skills at Northowram Primary

January 25, 2016

Teaching our pupils how to safely and creatively incorporate online technology into their studies and everyday lives forms an important part of our computing and ICT curriculum here at Northowram.


This month, the pupils have been learning how computer coding can be used to carry out a wide range of activities with the help of a classroom sized batch of Codebug devices, supplied by global electronics distributer Farnell element14.


These hand-held devices connect to an online web platform which the children can use to build simple programs, which can then be downloaded to the Codebug and run in real time. Projects the children can work on include creating a light-up name tag, an interactive greetings card, a working camera or an electronic dance mat.

The Codebug is designed to help young children to familiarise themselves with essential coding languages and commands, providing a solid foundation for further learning. The Codebug web platform incorporates an immersive drag and drop function to help children to learn by doing and experiment with a range of terms and activities.


A global leader in electronics and technology ranging from integrated circuit boards and solder kits to network cables and LED lights, Farnell element14  supports a wide range of educational initiatives aimed at getting young people engaged with technology and digital literacy. In 2016 they will work with the BBC on a major project to provide 1 million UK high school students with development board technology.


Children have been using the Codebug device and accompanying website to write many different Algorithms – some creating messages, patters and small games. All the children that have worked with the Codebug now have a greater understanding of programming physical devices and how Algorithms are clear sets of instructions programmed in a computers language. These have been an invaluable teaching resource provided by Farnell element14.

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