Field Trips in Geography

January 28, 2016

Year 5 Geography Field Trip

Another example of our outstanding Year 4, 5 and 6 curriculum is that on the 28.1.16 and 29.1.16 Year 5 Willow and Birch are going on a Field Trip to study our local area and the impact of the river and canal in Brighouse town centre. We managed to catch up with Miss Mead our Geography teacher. Here was what she said:

Do you think the trip will help us in Geography?

Yes I do because it will re inforce the learning we’ve been doing in class will be brought to life.

Do you think they will enjoy it?

I hope they all will.

What do you hope the kids will learn?

I am hoping the children will develop their understanding of the key vocabulary.

We also managed to catch up with an excited student Jacob Rushforth. Here is what he said:

Are you looking forward to the trip?

Yes because we get to get out in the field.

Do you think you will learn a lot?

I think I will learn because it is an educational trip and it will help me with my knowledge on rivers.

Do you think it will help with your geography skills?

Yes because we will see what happened because of the flood.


Please keep checking back for more updates on how it went, what we learnt and some photos.


Written by Sam Robinson, Issac Bates, Luca Fineli – Year 5 Journalist

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