Hockey Tournament Results

January 28, 2016

Years 5 and 6 were absolutely fantastic at the Hockey tournament Wednesday afternoon and both A and B teams won all their games up to when they played each other in the final. Northowram B team won and both A and B move to represent school in the Calderdale School finals next Tuesday night! See results below:

Group games:

Northowram A 4 – 0 Shelf B

Northowram B 6 – 1 Shelf A

Northowram A 3 – 0 Rawson

St. Joseph’s 0 – 1 Northowram B



Northowram B 2 – 1 Shelf B

Northowram A 5 – 0 St. Joseph’s



Northowram A 0 – 3 Northowram B


A big thank you to everyone for their flexibility with playground use, letting children out of lessons and to Sarah R for driving the bus!

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