House Points Revamp

January 28, 2016

House points 

House Points are a way of rewarding children for good behaviour. At Northowram we have House Captains and at the end of the year we count up all the house points and the team (Sapphires, Diamonds, Rubies and Emeralds) with the most House Points wins the House Cup.

The views of the children at Northowram school are that they think that Merits have taken over, as everyone is so keen to earn them, and that house points aren’t used a lot. Children believe they would prefer House Points if we had House Captains again. They also believe there would be more point to earning House Points if there was a reason. We think house points should come back and many other people do too.

Luckily for everyone, Mr. Naylor is leading the House Point revamp! He plans to bring in competitions, house captains, house leaders and much more – we are all massively excited about this and will be pushing and challenging ourselves to earn as much House Points for our houses.

The House Points are regularly updated on the home page of our school website – lets keep checking regularly to see who is winning!


By Amelia Taylor and Martha Greenwood – Year 6 Journalists.

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