January 18, 2019

Welcome back to a brand new term. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and we wish you all the very best for 2019. A special welcome goes to all our new families and
members of staff who have joined Northowram Primary School this January. We look forward to working together and hope that you will all be very happy during your time with us.

We have lots of events scheduled the next term and this newsletter contains some information about what is planned.

Northowram Primary School - Newsletter 18th Jan 2019 - Welcome Back to School

Parents Evening

Parents Evenings for Reception—Year 6 classes will be held on Tuesday 5th and Thursday 7th February 2019 between 3.30pm and 6.30pm. Nursery parents evening will be on Wednesday 6th March 3.40-5.00pm in the Nursery. More Information to follow Parents Evenings are important events which enable parents and carers to discuss children’s strengths & targets, share concerns, and take an active part in their education.

We look forward to seeing you.

Cross Country Competition

At the start of the Autumn term we held a cross country competition for children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 and the first five boys and girls in each year were entered into a competition against local schools. A very big ‘well done’ to all of them who battled cold, wet conditions to give their best efforts. Some of those children have made it through to the Calderdale Schools Cross Country Finals at Savile Park! Here are the results of our fantastic runners:

Year 3 Girls

  • Lilah K – 3rd
  • Ruby-Mae H – 17th
  • Amelia W – 30th
  • Evie W – 31st
  • Harriet P – 38th

Year 3 Boys

  • Eddie B – 9th
  • Isaac E – 15th
  • Vinnie G – 16th
  • Charlie B – 38th
  • Harry L-H – 39th

Year 4 Girls

  • Elizabeth L – 5th
  • Sophia B – 14th
  • Isabella B – 16th
  • Samara R – 17th
  • Olivia L – 23rd

Year 4 Boys

  • Elliot W – 11th
  • Stanley D – 12th
  • Rufus W – 31st
  • Zachariah G-M – 38th
  • Will W – 40th

Year 5 Girls

  • Olivia Bolton – 3rd
  • Tailla Green-Moore – 7th
  • Orlagh Kenny – 12th
  • Roisin Beckwith – 15th
  • Lily Keegan – 23rd

Year 5 Boys

  • Freddie B – 6th
  • Will S – 7th
  • Theo R – 26th
  • Ethan P – 30th
  • Henry R – 33rd

Year 6 Girls

  • Lillia M – 1st
  • Olivia R – 8th
  • Saffie K – 27th
  • Isabella B – 30th
  • Lola T – 35th

Year 6 Boys

  • Alex McK – 7th
  • Reuben B – 15th
  • Finley C – 18th
  • Archie M – 40th
  • Cian R – 44th

Well done!

Fin Canning and his mum, Ally we’re out doing a good turn before Christmas. They braved the elements to help raise money for our local, Halifax, Marie Curie fundraising group.
This in turn enables Marie Curie nurses to visit people at home in their time of need. The group were very grateful for all of their help. Maybe you could do something for charity this year?

Northowram Primary School - Newsletter 18th Jan 2019 - Well Done Fin Canning

Reception Class

Last week Reception Class looked at the story, The Gruffalo’s Child. “Later in the week The Gruffalo left us a note to explain that she had left her toy, Stickman, at school for us. The children then went on a stick hunt to find our own stick and then we chose what we wanted to do with our stick. Some of us made our own stickman/sticklady, some of us
played imaginative games, some of us played in the water and the sand and some of us even went to the playdough. We all had so much fun, choosing what we wanted to do with our sticks!” – Mrs Annettes, Reception Class Teacher

Northowram Primary School - Newsletter 18th Jan 2019 - Reception Class

Dates for your diary

Northowram Primary School - Newsletter 18th Jan 2019 - Dates for your diary

Free school meals

Did you know that children can get free school meals if their parents/carers get: Universal Credit, Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance. If you think you might be eligible for Free School Meals please contact the Revenues & Benefits Service on 01422 288003.

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