Northowram Primary School PTFA – Chair’s report 2015

September 21, 2015


At the end of my first year as PTFA Chair, I look back with an overall sense of satisfaction and pride for what we managed to achieve. We raised over £7700 and funded a number of school projects including new sports and dance t shirts and Year 6 leavers presents.

In terms of members, there was undoubtedly a core who could be counted on, if not in person, most definitely in spirit at every meeting. Anwen Ackroyd, Zoe Beaumont, Alison Cooper, Amanda Coyne, Gemma Dooling , Sarah Edge, Sarah Farr, Jude Garland, Sally Halmshaw, Lizzie Lund, Maryanne Naylor, Nicola Rathbone, Elinor Robinson, Sarah Rushforth, Jak Taylor and Anneka Welding. You all wore so many hats – thank you so much for all of your support last year.

In addition, there was a wider group of people who could not make our meetings but who would always show up on the day to do whatever was needed. Cook chips, safety marshals, disco divas, refreshment makers, gift donators, gift wrappers, music makers, raffle prize gatherers – you are our very own ‘games makers and my heartfelt thanks goes out to you all.

Special mention must be made of Jennie Bell our Secretary, Jenny Hunt- Finch & Debs Pepper our Vice Chairs and Crystal Healy & Cherie Hadcroft Treasurers. All roles are important to the smooth running of the PTFA.

I’m grateful too for the on-going support and guidance from Dan Lomas, Jane Jennings and Jane Scardifield. We understand that the balance between school priorities, teacher schedules and PTFA requests can be difficult to achieve and feel that we are all working to create a strong PTFA team.

Huge thanks to Ian Wood, Marilyn Longbottom, Angela Sutcliffe and the staff and teachers at School for their help, flexibility and patience with each event we host, they are so amenable and nothing seems too much trouble.

Finally, I would like to thank the parents and families of the children of Northowram Primary school. You turn up, whatever the weather, whatever the hour, whatever the ask ready to dig deep and spend your pennies. You are awesome, thank you.

Fundraising and good causes

The biggest fundraisers last year were the Christmas Shop, Summer Fayre, School Discos and the Black & White ball. Other activities included the Bolton Brow Burner, Mother’s Day gift shop and the Xmas raffle are all important contributors, raising several hundreds of £ each.

  • Cooking Equipment
  • Coaches for Howtown trip
  • Year 6 leavers gifts
  • Contributed to leavers Prom
  • School Minibus Insurance
  • Picnic Benches for the playgrounds
  • PTFA Insurance

Children representing the school at external events and sports competitions also received a boost from the PTFA in the form of new Northowram Primary school T Shirts.

In addition to running events the team has been busy with a number of other projects which includes:

  • Installation of the clothes bin which raises funds for school and the Fire Fighters charity – thank you to Ian Wood and Amanda Coyne for making this happen.
  • Planning of ‘Big Project’ which will be kicked off this year and will focus on re- vamping some of the outdoor spaces in school. You may have already seen some changes which Ian Wood has been able to make with the help of PTFA funds and support from the volunteers from Lloyds.
  • Introduction of the PTFA blog which you can now access from the
    school web site. Huge thank you to Annwen Ackroyd for all her hard work in creating this great space. Make sure you check it out!

One of the strengths, I believe, of our PTFA is that it is pretty informal. A group of people getting together to support the school, meeting when needed to and generally enjoying the process. I think it’s great that we have well attended regular PTFA meetings with the commitment of teaching staff support at each. As I will be stepping down in the role as Chair, I am sure that this role will all be filled for the coming year so as to provide the team with the support going forward.

The final thing that I would like to say is that in today’s busy world, the idea of a PTFA consisting of a group of parents and teachers with lots of spare time to organise things is very outdated. I see our PTFA as being a more modern version – yes, we will need a core team who can get us organised and who are entrusted to make certain decisions but I’d like to see a much wider network of people who are willing to be on our contact lists and who will commit to help out in a way that suits them. Whoever you are, whatever your role, whatever my role, I look forward to working together to make the next 12 months an even greater success.

Thank you

Zoe Ridley


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