Reading at Northowram Primary School - A Northowram Journalist Report

November 24, 2015

Reading in Reception.

In Reception it is the start of the child’s life of reading.  My personal point of view after watching and listening to the children doing phonics is that they are taught very well and to an incredibly high standard. Holly, a reception child, said ‘First we learn the letter sounds then we describe items such as a tea pot. Then after a few months we go on to reading books and it becomes easier’. They have a specific reading program, Holly is on white books and is currently reading Sid’s Pet Rat. Overall every single child in Reception has the most tremendous start to learning to read, enjoys reading and will do for the rest of their lives.

By Emily Pepper – Year 6 Journalist


Reading in KS1

When children are at this stage in life, it is important that they do plenty of reading; and they do in our school! They start with our reading system in Reception when they are less experienced and stop using it at the end of Year 2 when they are hopefully old enough to read independently. Once they have completed the schools colour banded reading chart, they go on to be a free reader, they can read any books they choose. A few times a week, the teacher listens to their independent reading and monitors their progress in a Home/School Reading Diary. They also have Guided Reading and English when they read and study their class book and to calm down at the end of the day; the teacher does Story Time! The children love the amount of reading they are doing and are being encouraged to read at home for at least 15 minutes every evening before bed time. Overall, they are all budding young readers and they are ‘Inspiring Success Beyond Expectation’.

By Lydia Cooper  – Year 6 Journalist


Reading in Year 3

Recently in Year 3 they have been reading Ice Palace by Robert Swindells. This book is about a boy called Ivan who lives in a land where the winter is dark and fearful. Starjik, King of Winter, steals Ivan’s little brother and Ivan sets up on a quest to find him. Doing book studies in English as well as in guided reading encourages children to use their reading skills to figure out and understand the text in more detail.

Also in Year 3 they have a book corner and in the book corner there is lots of shelves that hold all the books that you can read once you are on free readers. Seth Taylor said he enjoyed reading in his class and especially likes the books in the book corner because there are so much to choose from.

By Matilda S N – Year 6 Journalist


Reading in Year 4

Lots of reading goes on in Year 4; after spellings, after break, after lunch and even at the end of the day. Lots of the children enjoy these activities and we have reading journals. After each book we have read individually we fill out a book mark review and stick it in our reading journal of English Book. Our teachers continually try to encourage reading because it will help you with all of your subjects. All the children read all different books like comedy, adventure and horror books. At the end of the day we have a class novel that our teachers read to us. We all agree on a book so everyone can enjoy it. Year 4 Sycamore are reading Harry Potter and 4 Holly are reading The Naughtiest Girl in the School. We always want children to read at home with their parents so they will improve. We provide new books for children to read aswell.

In Year 4 we like reading quite a lot because it helps with English by improving our rich vocabulary and gets us used to many different styles of text. When the whole class has some spare time our teacher (not including Lunch time or playtime) reads our class novel out to us. We are hoping that students will continue to read at home and reduce the amount they play on devices. Let’s get reading more!

By Phoebe Johnstone, Thomas Powell, Ebrahim Ravat – Year 4 Journalists


Reading in Year 5

At the end of every day Year 5’s teachers will read a couple of chapters of our class novel. At the moment 5 Willow are reading Grandpas Great escape and loving it all. Lauren Ramsay of Year 5 said ‘Year 5 has just got some new books .There are a different range of genres so you can read a style you like. There are a mixture of picture book and novels’. In 5 Birch the new books have been ordered into a library system. If you want a new book to read you have sign it out on a sheet. The reason for this is if one book goes missing the teacher knows who last had it and if you want to read that book it’s quicker to find out who has got it. A great system which allows all children to read different books.

By Molly Roe and Olivia Rathbone – Year 5 Journalists


Reading in Year 6

In Year 6 there are some very strong readers and the year six teachers try and get a variety of people to read in class. The teachers in Year Six set hard spelling tasks in the morning testing our knowledge of the children’s wide range of vocabulary. Cassady in Year 6 quoted ‘Reading is good but I think there needs to be a better variety of books that everyone can enjoy like David Williams books’. Miss Davis one of the year six teacher said ‘She thinks on the whole year six reading is very good and she believes that the pupils read a great variety of books at home and at school’.

By Matthew Benn – Year 6 Journalist


New books are always arriving in school and provide all children with a opportunities to read new novel, story books and picture books.

A report conducted by the Northowram Journalist Team





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