Reception Open Evening

September 29, 2015

Reception opening evening

The meeting started at 6:00 on Wednesday the 23rd of September. Lots of parents attended the meeting. All of the parents met in the hall with Mr Lomas and Mrs Scardifield.

The reception team Mrs Annetts, Mrs Rattigan, Mrs Crossly and Mrs Pearson gave a presentation about how reading, writing and maths would be taught to the reception children. They gave the parents a leaflet containing lots of information and explained ways that parents could help their children with there reading, writing and maths.

The teachers told the parents how well the children were settelling in. The adults were allowed to look around at the activities the children had done. The parents liked the self portraits the children had painted. The teachers are looking forward to the year ahead because they can see what the kids can do.

They gave information about phonics, maths and hand outs.

Written by Phoebe Johnstone, Thomas Powell, Felicity Welding

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