Subject Specialism - Autumn 2

December 09, 2015

Subject Specialisms

The new subjects for our Subject Specialism are going really well . Mrs. Mead has gone from Art teacher to Geography teacher. Mr Naylor, the new PE teacher quoted that he thinks ‘the new PE lessons are going really well  because he can keep track of progress in their log books’. He also thinks that ‘the double lessons help because you can fit more into one lesson’. We are also doing Food Technology, which is taught by Mr. Whittam instead of him teaching Computing. He has been teaching Year 4-6 to cook two different dishes as part of a two course meals. Miss Davis continues to teach us some great Science lessons, Mrs Hudson continues to teach us French (we will all be fluent French speakers soon) and Miss Craven continues to teach the whole of History.  All the children are having a great education because they get the best of our subjects that we do at Northowram Primary School

By Matthew B, Thomas Armitage, Matilda S-N, Olivia Rathbone and Molly Roe


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