Writing - A Report by the Northowram Journalists

January 21, 2016

Over the past week – the Journalists of Northowram Primary School have been investigation how writing is taught within school. Here are their findings.


In nursery they have been reading The Little Red Hen and have been finding it really fun and interesting. The Little Red Hen is about a hen who is trying to make some bread but no one will help him. The children have been trying different types of breads, reading about animals and asking questions and acting it out. The nursery children have been enjoying it so much they can’t wait to carry on with the book.

By Martha Greenwood


In reception the children have been reading “Hairy M’Clairy from Donaldsons Dairy” for this text they used rhyming strings and descriptive words to write short sentences. They have also been painting recognizable dogs. Eloise Johnston said that she is really enjoying the book and the work and can’t wait to read more. Lots of this hard work has earned them merits. Well done reception!

By Jessica Weston

Year 1 English

In Year 1 the children are starting to learn harder writing skills as in the previous year they have learnt to read and write. In this year, the children are being introduced to working through a book as a class. We managed to catch up with the Year 1 teachers. Here is what they said:

Do you like the way that English is taught? Yes, the children learn a lot more.

Do you think the kids enjoy English more through a book? Yes because they are into the book and more interested in the work we provide them with.

What’s your method of teaching this way? We discuss more through a class and then go into groups and find answers from what we discussed as a class.

Do you prefer this way of teaching? Yes because it is a great start of teaching for me and I will teach this way in another school if I move.

In Year 1 the children are currently reading different non-fiction books about Antarctica.

Interview by Year 5 Journalists – Sam Robinson, Isaac Bates and Luca Finelli

Year 2

Year 2 have been writing a letter to Goldilocks. They have been trying their best in this piece of work to get a merit. They have been reading the Jolly postman.  All of Year 2 have been exploring fairy tail characters.


Year 3

In Year 3 the book they have been reading is ICE PALACE by Robert Swindles. The Main character in Ice Palace is Ivan and his evil nemesis Starjik. Briar Farr liked when Starjik turned into Santa Clause. Lucy Sutcliffe liked the entire story. Reading in Year 3 is very interesting because they use a technique where depending on how good at reading you are the book you take home is a certain level so that it makes reading easier. The different levels of reading are easier to harder the levels are pink, red ,yellow, blue, green ,orange, turquoise, purple ,gold ,lime white ,free readers when you are on free readers you can read what you what.

By Matilda S-N, Grace A and Evie W

Year 4

Interview with Mrs Hudson

In Year 4 they are studying a book called ‘The Egg’ and its sequel ‘The Dragon Snatcher.’ The main activities that Year 4 are focusing on are: Descriptive Writing , Instructions and at the end of their book they are finishing with their very own Dragon Encyclopedia.  


Year 5

Year 5 are working on the book Leon and the Place Between. Their writing is becoming more complex and is a big part of the year. We do our English work from a reading book we read as a class and change every term. A pupil from Year 5 named Elliot says he really loves English and it is his favourite lesson. He loves the books we look at in the lesson and likes how we do work. We also caught up with the class teacher whose name is Mr. Naylor. This is what he said:

Do you enjoy teaching English in Year 5? Yes, it is one of my favourite subjects to teach.

What are your thoughts on this method of teaching?  I like it because get to enjoy different varieties of books and develop from them.

Do you think it helps? Yes, in my old school we didn’t use this method. It was almost like a guided reading lesson. Also we can reflect from the use of language used in the book.

We managed to catch up with Mrs Scardifield’s group pupil, Max. Here is what he said:

I really like the way English is taught and he enjoys English anyway. He doesn’t think he would like to be taught English in another school because he thinks it’s great the way we are taught here.

The book Year 5 are reading

Interviews by Year 5 Journalists – Sam Robinson, Luca Finelli and Isaac Bates


Year 6

Year 6 are currently studying the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ – this is a book about crayola Crayons who are unhappy about their lives – this has been a highly entreating, light hearted unit – which the children are thoroughly enjoying.


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