Year 2 History Day - Northowram Historical Society

January 28, 2016

On Friday, Mike and John from the Northowram Historical Society came to see Year 2. They discovered what the village used to be like through pictures, written accounts and artifacts. They came to tell the children about the changes in society throughout the Past 200 years. For example:

  • Coal and clay mines used to be in Shibden Valley
  • The carpark, across the road from school used to be houses
  • There are a lot of stone quarries that have been filled in to make housing estates
  • Many of the local chapels have been turned into houses

Old House

Year 2 definitely learnt a lot about the changes throughout the village.

Megan said: “I really liked learning about the changes in the village and found it very interesting.”

Alex said: “I really enjoyed it and found it very interesting learning about the place I live”

Mrs. Jocelyn said: “I found it really interesting and exciting. I learnt a lot and the children loved it”

Overall the children really enjoyed it and learnt a lot!

A big thank you to Mike and John from the Northowram Historical Society for sharing your History with us.


By Jessica W and Matilda SN – Year 6 Journalists

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