• Admission to Nursery

    We always encourage prospective parents and pupils to visit our school. Please call the school office on (01422) 202704 to arrange a suitable time to visit.

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    We allocate Nursery places, as agreed by the Governing Body of Northowram Primary School, using Calderdale Early Years Admissions Policy. Places to the Nursery Class at Northowram Primary School are allocated using the following criteria:-

      • Children under statutory assessment for an Education, Health and Care Plan or with an Education, Health and Care Plan (which names the school);
      • Children in Public Care (Looked After Children), including previously Looked After Children who have been adopted or who are subject to a residence order or a special guardianship order;
      • Children who have a sibling attending the school at the time of admission (Siblings are defined as children with brothers or sisters (including half/step- brothers or sisters) permanently resident in the same household, in attendance at the same school or a school on the same site, on the date of admission);
      • Other children

    Points to note

    Nursery places will be offered in writing by 31st March for September.

    When places are offered, parents are asked for their preference as to how they would like to take up their 15 hours provision. Currently, the choices are:

        • 5 Mornings
        • 5 Afternoons
        • All day Monday & Tuesday plus Weds morning
        • Weds afternoon plus all day Thursday & Friday

    If any category is oversubscribed, the Nursery Manager will use the above listed criteria to allocate sessions

    Due to the high demand for Nursery places we must insist that parents give their correct address. This must be the child’s permanent place of residence and not a childminder’s or grandparent’s address. We can only use a child’s current address, and an intention to move to another address is not taken into consideration. We may ask parents for evidence of their address. An offer of a place may be withdrawn if a false address is given.

    The closing date for applications to our Nursery is 1st January and 1st June (for January starters) and we will only consider applications which meet the above criteria on this date. People who place their child on the list after this date will be considered using the above criteria, if places are available.

    Admission to our Nursery Class does not guarantee a subsequent place in the Reception Class at our school.

    We anticipate that the admission procedure to our Nursery will run smoothly, however, in the unlikely event of any admission problems arising, the Governing Body will make the final decision.