• Policies

    See below for more information on our School's policies on Safeguarding, Behaviour, Special Educations Needs & Disability and Charging & Remissions.

  • Attendance Policy

    Here, you can view our (School) Attendance Policy.


    Here, you can view our (School) Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy.

    Special Education Needs & Disability

    We value the individuality of all children. Read more about our SEN Policy here.

    Equality Action Plan 2017-20

    To view our Equality Action Plan 2017-2020, click here.

    Intimate Care Policy 2021

    To view our Intimate Care Policy 2021, click here.

  • Behaviour

    Find out more information about our Behaviour Policy here.

    Charging & Remissions

    Our Charging & Remissions Policy sets out the circumstances in which charges will or will not be made for school activities. You’ll find more information on this page.

    Complaints Procedure

    Find out more information about our Complaints Procedure here.

    Privacy Notice

    Find out more information about our Privacy Notice here.

    NPS Collective Worship Policy

    Download our NPS Collective Workship Policy here.