• Curriculum

    See below for what our children will be learning in the academic year 2018-19.

  • “Childrens benefit from an inspiring curriculum. Leaders ensure that childrens receive excellent opportunities to develop their knowledge of subjects beyond English and Mathematics.” (Ofsted 2016) “The wider curriculum in Years 4, 5 and 6 is taught by subject specialists who dedicate their afternoons to teaching their subject across all six classes. This arrangement is leading to in-depth teaching, often at higher levels than typically seen and much appreciated by pupils and parents. In their own words, pupils feel ‘they have the best teachers for the job’. “ (Ofsted 2016)


    To achieve the aims of our school vision, we are committed to:

    • Ensuring all our children receive their full legal entitlement to learning programmes in all curriculum areas in all year groups.
    • Providing a full curriculum (enhanced by out of school visits and visitors to school) in all subjects throughout each year including year 6. Our curriculum is not narrowed for exam or test preparation.
    • Ensuring that, in addition to the skills and knowledge, which is required learning in each subject as detailed in the National Curriculum, our curriculum is also planned to include explicit teaching and learning related to human values (e.g. respect, diversity, equality, tolerance, kindness) and responsible citizenship.
    • Ensuring that high quality teaching in every curriculum area leads to excellence in pupil outcomes, in all curriculum subjects.
    • Ensuring that our children extend their learning in a wide range of curriculum areas beyond the hours of the school days through our provision of extra-curricular clubs. Our target is that upwards of 50% of our children will take part in clubs in any given year. We offer a wide range of clubs including those linked to PE (many types of dance, PE and sports clubs), the creative arts and music (e.g choirs, recorders, samba, drumming, violins). Children are provided with an annual opportunity to showcase their talent and progress in these areas in our annual ‘Soiree’ performances.


    • At the upper end of school (years 4,5 and 6), our research, monitoring and evaluation have shown that curriculum subjects (Music, French, Geography, Computing, Art, Design and Technology, Science, PE, History, RE) are most effectively taught by subject specialist teachers who have a high level of subject knowledge in their curriculum area. In years 4, 5 and 6, our teachers specialise in one or two curriculum areas and our children receive instruction from different teachers for each subject. Our children have the best teachers for each subject.
    • In years 1-6, all curriculum subjects are taught discreetly rather than being taught in a topic-based way. In this way, we ensure that specific skills and knowledge linked to subject are taught, learned and built upon year on year. Children have workbooks for all subjects including practical subjects (e.g Art, Design and Technology, PE) where they record their work, ideas, reflection and progress. Work in all subjects is assessed and marked with regular individual feedback given.
    • Our school provides a healthy budget for the provision of high quality resources for every curriculum area. Lead teachers for each subject place resource orders on an annual basis to replenish resources and source new resources to ensure that high quality resources are available for the children to maximise learning in all curriculum areas.
    • In mathematics, all of our teachers are fully trained in using the ‘White Rose West Yorkshire Maths Hub’ schemes of work which are based on international research of the most effective techniques for enabling all children to become competent mathematicians and to achieve mastery of the mathematics curriculum.
    • In English, we have a well-established tradition where our reading and writing curriculum is led by the very best quality children’s literature. In addition to our text-based learning, children receive daily lessons in spelling (years 2-6) and phonics (Reception-year 2). Regular handwriting sessions are taught at least weekly in all classes. Independent reading is supported by home-school reading schemes (‘Accelerated Reader’ in years 4,5 and 6 and Nelson PM reading scheme in reception-year 3).
    • Children receive weekly PSHCE lessons. Our PSHCE curriculum is delivered through high quality circle time sessions every Friday afternoon. All our teachers are trained in delivering high quality circle time sessions based on recommendations from national experts in this area.


    • Lead teachers for each curriculum subject undertake regular monitoring of outcomes (through pupil interviews and work book scrutinies) and the quality of instruction in each curriculum area through lesson observations. Lesson observations linked to English, Maths and all other curriculum subjects take place each year.
    • Lead teachers for each subject in year 1,2,3 team and key stage 2 team work together to ensure that progression and coverage in each curriculum subject is robust.
    • Each subject has well defined assessment processes which are used to track children’s progress in each area, report progress to parents and to provide valuable feedback in each subject to individual children.

    More information

    For more information about our school curriculum, please contact Jane Scardifield at the school office.

  • Reception

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    Year 1

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    Year 2

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    Year 3

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  • Years 4-6

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    Through School

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